Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates Lot #4

  • Price: $111,100
  • Size: 5 Acres (20,200 Square Meters)
  • Lake Frontage: 285 Feet (87 Meters)

    Panoramic View

Binta Lake Farm Lot #4

This beautiful 5 Acre (2.02 Hectare) property has approximately 285 Feet (87 Meters) of easily accessible gravel lakeshore on Binta Lake.

The property is mainly flat with a gradual rise from the lake to the back of the lot, and there are numerous good building sites all along its lakeshore. The property has southwestern exposure facing across the lake and into the surrounding hills, and it should have plenty of afternoon sunlight during the summer season.

Vegetation coverage is mainly mixed Willow and Aspen, with some larger Spruce scattered along the lakeshore. The slope along the lakeshore is gradual from the lot with nice gravel beach areas and good spots for establishing a boat launch.
Legal access to the lot is via approximately 165 meters of unconstructed dedicated roadway off of the Binta Lake Forest Service Road North.

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Information when viewing video: This video clip provides a detailed view of this specific lot. The nature of a wide angle lens means that when viewing the video you will see both details of the lot and also the surrounding areas. When viewing the lot, the bottom width of the screen is more accurate in containing the perimeter of the lot whereas the top of the screen will often contain the adjacent lots or views over adjacent crown land. Please refer to the plan pictures/data to gain an appreciation of the lot in detail and use the video to appreciate the land elevation, the native flora and density, the water frontage and aspect to Binta Lake and adjacent land.

When flying above the lot, the video film represents the view along the central line, allowing the view of the whole width of the lot. The flight has been carried out using GPS data but slight inaccuracies may occur. Please always refer to the Land Registry data for boundary accuracy of what is included in the sale.

More Infomation

  • PID: 029-826-985
  • This property is located on Binta Forest Service Road North, 55 kilometres (34.2 miles) SE from the Village of Burns Lake, British Columbia

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