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Safe investments in an ecological sustainable land development, in line with a self sufficient life in harmony with nature and fruitful co-operation with likeminded neighbors.

Considering world tensions and turmoil, a growing number of individuals and families are seeking a safer more stable location to live, work and invest.

Looking around the world at Russia, Syria, Libya, North Korea, the South China Sea, Venezuela, the international financial markets on the verge of collapse, the dramatic risks of terrorism and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP's) in every country and social discord from Europe to the U.S., it's difficult to make the case for a lot of good news. The world is simply getting out of hand!

Investment in Canadian real estate properties is becoming more and more popular. A growing number of people from all over the world think about owning land in Canada as their "safe haven" or "place of refuge" in times of crisis while there is no shortage of crises on the horizon.

British Columbia is experiencing rapid growth. The Lakes District of BC is one of the last pristine wilderness areas of Canada with over 1000 lakes such as Francois Lake, Burns Lake, Babine Lake, Ootsa Lake, Uncha Lake & Binta Lake. This area has more to offer to the seekers of a “safe haven” than any other area in British Columbia and maybe in the world.

We cannot change the scary, crazy world directly, but we can find our own way of reacting and dealing with these challenges by preparing and protecting ourselves and our loved ones materially and physically as good as possible.

I do not see a perfect solution to this miserable situation of mankind. The good news is, however, that people who wake up to this reality have with Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates a unique opportunity of preparedness in any way. Here you can invest safely and at the same time prepare to live self sufficient by providing your own food and proper shelter etc. while living and working in your own small community in co-operation with likeminded neighbors who came here for the same reasons.

As long as the tensions in the world allow it, you can use your investment in Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates mainly as all around insurance for your money and develop your safe haven temporarily and for recreational purposes only while your neighbors look after it during your absence. At least you have already your investment in a safe place where you can go and live any time if it becomes necessary in times of political, financial or environmental turmoil.

In such a situation, when money transfers and ATM machines might not work anymore, stores would be empty very soon and masses of angry, hungry people could be in the streets, you want to be far away from the masses of people – ideally in a protective environment in nature with your own food, good water and supportive likeminded neighbors!

Over 45 years ago, when I studied business and was trained by an US Investment Company as a financial consultant, we learned that three important criteria for long term investments were security, return on investment and disposability. Accordingly main long term investments were made in tangible assets like stock and real estate including equity funds and real estate funds. If you owned good real estate in a politically stable country while the economy was able to support businesses and renters to pay your rent, your investment was safe, provided a market-conform return on investment, increased in value and was marketable any time with a good profit. At the same time it protected you from inflation and currency reforms. The same results were possible with good stock. That time is over!!!

Unfortunately we cannot rely on these investment strategies anymore. Nowadays, there is no more reliance in the natural unfolding of local, national and international economies and political systems. These factors are a pawn in the hands of omnipotent corporations and entities and mostly manipulated. The world is controlled by despotism of the financial powers and their internationally accepted programs and agreements.

People who are not enslaved yet by their debts and still have equities available are increasingly challenged how to protect their assets from partial or total loss not to mention profitable returns on investment. As I said earlier, we are not dealing with normally reacting and changing markets anymore, recognizable and predictable by fundamentals that we have studied and experienced historically. We are fighting an intentionally manmade unique risk monster that no one has experienced or learned about before which can get out of control with devastating effects any time!

During the last few years I have often been asked for my opinion about the best and safest investment alternative available under the present circumstances. My answer was always the same: It is the ownership of selected waterfront property on a safe lake with drinking water in British Columbia, for many people the most desirable province of the most desirable Country in the world, Canada. Investments in the special market niche of highly coveted rare waterfront properties in the womb of mother nature, far enough away from big cities, industries, earth quakes, tsunamis, volcanos and nuclear plants that cover all aspects I can think of as being crucial in the threatening situation we're in.

The more worldwide economies and financial markets weaken and political and environmental risks increase, the more worldwide investors are looking for safe investments. The more they will want to own such valuable self sufficiency waterfront property as their place of refuge in the Canadian nature, the more prices will skyrocket.

Our limited offer of 15 lots meets a growing demand while several of the lots were already spoken for at the planning stage years before they were approved and publically offered.

An important investment criterion is that the price development for Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates does not depend solely on our local or even national economy. Our potential buyers live all over the world and many people already dream of owning such a property in Canada. They see Canada as the safest and most beautiful country to live and invest in. Many of them prefer to live in BC and dream to settle down - if possible – far away from big cities, industries and masses of people in a rural area on a lake with good water supply where they can provide their own food by gardening, raising animals, hunting, fishing, mushroom and berry picking and feel safe personally as well as with their money investment in Canadian nature.

Even if the world economies stay strong or recover after a crash, our estates will be wanted for recreational and residential purposes by people who are making money (again) anywhere in the world. This means that even during or after a meltdown the value of our estates will develop independently from our local and national economy, being determined by the demand of international investors. For these reasons, Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates provide the best chance to the owners to weather any crises and to get money into their hands even after a collapse. These estates simply offer the best possible chance of a safe and profitable investment no matter what will happen.

At the same time such investments into our nature properties can be used by the investor to support lives! This is possible by growing valuable, healthy food, by raising animals, by fishing, hunting and by mushroom, berry and plant picking while living in a remote area far away from the risks of cities, many people, industries, volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis. There is even protection by our Costal Mountains in the west against prevailing winds carrying acid rain, radioactivity and so much more.

Not everybody, however, can afford to purchase and manage a large farm or ranch or wants to live alone away from the civilized world. For this reason our unique Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates project was created to provide the lands for a community of likeminded people with common goals.

Some experts already call Canada the new Switzerland. A growing number of international business owners, many of them from Asia and Latin America, got this message and are already investing considerably in Canada. They make their money in their home countries where they can take calculable financial risks. With their earnings, however, they act ultra-conservative and move them to the non correlated safe haven Canada. They have been investing big time for many years in the exploding real estate market in Vancouver, BC. In the meantime real estate vendors in Vancouver and foreign investors themselves are spreading out into the rural areas of British Columbia.

You, dear reader, who are reading these words, are hopefully one of an increasing number of people who luckily woke up to the political, environmental and economical reality we live in and understands better than most of our fellow men what is really going on. Your knowledge enables you to prepare and react wisely to what is rapidly coming at us while the majority of people are unfortunately still captured in blindness and ignorance. In fact you might recognize pretty soon that your investment in Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates is:
"The one investment you may hold dear to your heart, the one investment that helps you sleep better at night, that you rely on for safety, security, that you like to use personally for its nature and beauty and that even provides the potential for good profits in a world gone mad."
Do you know any alternative where “Preparing for the worst while hoping for the best” can be such a safe, joyful and healthy process while being simultaneously the perfect investment for the times to come?

In closing I would like to say a few words about my personal wishes for this project:

It is my heart's desire that Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates attracts mainly buyers that not only appreciate all the good material arguments for such an investment but also can relate to my Vision as described here: My Vision
With this I mean people, who understand, that all material events including those described above we are preparing for depend after all on the human consciousness, that consequently our future lies in our own hands, that we are responsible for determining every moment of it by ourselves and that humankind can change the worst scenarios for the better through the unfolding of the human potential of consciousness. I'm confident that such "awoken" residents of our little community Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates will share their expertise about the unfolding of the human potential of consciousness with each other and will practice what they know about the "great work".

In addition to healthy living, self-sufficiency and their own personal development in harmony with nature, a resident of Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates has also the opportunity to run an effective business by creating a cost effective attractive wilderness retreat on his land and offering their own seminars to other members of their community and the public or simply by offering lodging and good food to organizers of seminars.

The market for any kind of seminars, retreats and trainings is growing steadily, facing a huge demand world-wide. The special experience in nature counts for more than the luxury we are used to and that is a cold comfort for our frustrations and inner problems.

It's not the atmosphere of a lodge or perfect guest house that fills our hearts with joy and unforgettably touches our souls deep within, but the nightly camp fire in the wilderness, where we can roast fish and absorb a breathtaking sunset, watch the Northern Lights or communicate with a tree and connect with the healing energies of mother nature.

Binta Lake provides best drinking water and one's own garden, fish, game, mushrooms and herbs provide excellent health food.

A safe and healthy life without stress and a good investment are ideally combined at a place where people with similar interests meet, can help each other and share their knowledge and services for the better of humankind.

Thank you for your attention!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments and questions.

  Hans Buch

Hans Buch
President and Director of Blue Star Farms Inc
Owner and developer of Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates

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